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    With more than 60 years experience and helping install 150+ Galvanising plants all around the world, EIS is the perfect partner for all your hot-dip galvanising needs.


About EIS

Expert engineering solutions supplying products and services to a wide range of industrial and commercial users and operators.
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UK Based Manufacturing

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60+ Years Of Experience

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Wide Range Of Services

Experts in galvanising and installation services - we aim to provide solutions where standard ‘catalogue’ equipment simply does not fit in with your operational requirements.


Expert Installations

Leave it to the experts.

Experts Available 24/7

Our installations are always supervised by a full time member of EIS staff to make sure everything is complete properly and as procedure. We offer technical support available 24 hours per day to make sure all our customers around the world keep the production running.

Our Services

Whoever manufactured your existing Galvanising furnace, whenever it was made, and whether the existing manufacturer supports it or not, we can support your installation today and into the future.


Kettle changes and thickness testing

All our kettle changes come with brand-new Furnace top plates as well as a in depth inspection on the overall condition of the furnace casing and insulation. This is all to make sure theres no adverse wear your Galvanising kettle or furnace. Allows efficiency to return to a as new and is more than capable of running for another 8-12 years.



Hot Dip Galvanising Furnace

Your galvanising plant needs maintaining. This is often neglected because you can carry on production. Unfortunately a lack of maintenance can cause instruments to cease up, so when you eventually need to operate them due to a fault they can fail to do so. This sometimes will just be the case of replacing a part, but if this part is not in stock it can result in days of lost production. Click learn more below to see how we can help.


Drying ovens

Who ever supplied your galvanising plants drying oven we are be prepared to use our experience, knowledge and supplier relationships to make sure you get the most suitable and best quality item to suit your budget. We supply:
Drying oven fans, End carriage motors, brakes, gearboxes, Drying oven Cover controls and Rubber seals.
We've got you covered.


Zinc Pumps

For all your pumping out needs we offer our own Zinc pumps. These are designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK. We are known for our Well engineered, rugged equipment. Designed to handle hostile environment of the Galvanising industry.



Replacement Fans

Need replacement fans? We are be prepared to use our experience, knowledge and supplier relationships to make sure you get the most suitable and best quality item to suit your budget.



Control Panels / Cabinets

We can supply direct replacement control panels, updated control panels, additional control panels and drying oven control panels.

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